Thursday, November 05, 2009


isn't he exhausted ... isn't he bound ... wouldn't now be the time to look into his soul and find out who he really is ... the government didn't have the time but I have all the time in my life and what have I been looking for otherwise if this is true ... but no sooner do I go up to look in his face then I'm put in the classroom far in the corner ... science 101 the rabbi is saying is around the next corner ... on the other side ... across from the church ... here says the greek behind the desk is the middle way ... this is the place we separate the lunatic from the fanatic ... one says reason is all logic ... here we say reason loves logic but is not consumed in her embrace ... the other says reason is unreason ... it's the soul not the mind that keeps the body alive and reason is too narrow to read the soul ... here we say the soul in touch with first things is the spirit ... they are one and reason is their conversation ... the greek is looking more italian when he says this ... follow the rabbi out the door ... he has a funny way of walking ... down the sandy cobbled street as if the elbows were pinioned to the side ... hurried down the alley ... I cannot see his face

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