Saturday, November 28, 2009


as there is no god no being without a predicate without something that could be said of it there is no thought that goes unspoken ... you just have to be close enough to hear it ... while there are some you have to be a good distance from to hear them as we do ... and some of these must make the angels laugh ... and some others must surely make them cry ... and altogether from start to finish we swim in an ocean filled with parts of speech ... with lips and ears ... gestures and sighs ...words and eyebrows rising ... voices and stock prices falling ... promises made and promises broken ... desires on the rampage ... desire phlegmatic ... tone strident tone languishing ... all the time in the world to say what you mean ... all the meaning in the world found in a glance ... the words I am about to whisper in your ear in just this sequence are a magic formula to encapsulate time and space so the next dimension can swallow them ... or I'm talking through my hat and there are no words strong enough to do just that ... though all together they seem to say the same ... one instant cry of triumph forever

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