Monday, November 23, 2009


body mind will tell you they're not enough ... the body sweats itself to death ... and the mind would fret itself there too if it didn't see something it could not explain but something it felt somehow it did understand and in this somehow was all its trust ... the body isn't paying attention ... it's running in place as you talk to the mind ... and the mind tells you it has its own kind of touch on the eternal and on the immaterial ... the first the mind takes to be a positive term dealing in what the mind knows best when it knows anything at all ... the continuation of time ... that it should continue forever presents no problem to the mind ... to the body on the other hand it's what keeps it running in place ... perhaps in deference to the body's exertion the mind hesitates to talk about the immaterial ... but it has another reason for its reluctance ... if not a shame an admitted weakness ... the thing is you know the mind does fall asleep and in such a state does often dream ... which dreams are sometimes a delight ... but more often are embarrassing ... the mind struggles to be more than it is

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