Monday, November 30, 2009


what if style counted and it were something personal you didn't have to explain or defend like your favorite flavor or color ... when you picked ice-cream it was always vanilla ... when you chose a new car it was always maroon ... when you caught on to a new author it was because of his style ... I respect eliot and thackeray ... I like trollope I love Dickens ... I like to read a book so I can learn something ... I like to read a book so that I can travel through time ... I highlight and I summarize ... I take notes ... I play Q&A ... sometimes I forget oh yeah I read that book ... it was like the doorway to a well-lit room and I was looking through it as I passed by on the el ... I looked into her eyes as she looked into mine ... I know we were there together then ... but that room is thousands of miles into the past ... there ... but there for reference ... I feel more comfortable when I like the tone of voice and nothing keeps me longer in my seat and more willingly than a well-constructed sentence lean and to the point no matter how long the point is ... how did I come to the taste ... no ... no ... how was I born to it ... why

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