Wednesday, November 25, 2009


that there are no predicates without subjects seems simple enough ... though it has been disputed ... but I say more I say there is no subject without a predicate ... not that I mean the predicates must come first ...I don't ... I mean that a pure subject the purest subject is a fountain of generosity and a heyday for predicates ... remember when the sages were lying down in four inches of water in a dark tent in a dark room ... they would dream without drugs and move out beyond the dimensions ... I thought the idea was to strip the self of attributes and relation ... to purify it of these our mundane attractions ... all these petty distractions ... leave them below and ... now become like an angel ... learn the new language purer than math and more comprehensive than physics ... or not ... or truth to say never did do ... and now to see the new ones exfoliating their spirit hair by hair what can you do but say what I have said ... there is no subject without a predicate ... not by necessity but by love's necessity ... for the old must not impose upon the young but wait upon them in their service

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