Saturday, November 28, 2009


there are the thinkers writers speakers ... what are we to do who are none of these but mere readers ... we have opinions and insights more often true and clear than not ... but not for us a seat on the panel and not satisfying a chair at the round table ... we're thinkers not talkers but what does it mean to think if not to use it to talk ... what does it mean to understand and be quiet ... is it much different from the common lot one hundred years ten years ten minutes after the word is spoken ... is the silence then any more informed or what does the form mean when it's forgotten or denied or misunderstood ... what's the form to hecuba or hecuba to the form when they're both gone ... some forms fit the past we cannot think of them beyond it ... but there are others that make the past itself worth keeping if only in some wayward place ... and other forms to which past and future simply do not apply ... perhaps it's to those forms we must appeal ... to the forms worthy of the time of eternity and of the attentive reader ... the forms that suggest they save forms

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