Saturday, November 14, 2009


is the blacksmith right ... have we made a lewd thing out of the most beautiful ... are we taking aim at the heart of society the family intending to kill it ... if that's what we are doing we have a pass to let us go in ... into the hearth ... into the home ... a changeable picture with the label made in hollywood made in the USA ... but how can that be ... aren't we just reconfiguring and how can you say that's wrong ... we're simply letting more people do their own thing ... it's demos we are ... not demons ... we're democratic not demoniacal ... we are of all of the peoples on the face of the earth the one most devoted to freedom ... what if we are half divorced ...most of that half remarries ... what if we do kill a million children each year still in the womb ... don't we feed those who survive teach them to read a bit and give them good shoes ... and as for women mothers or not what softer tissue bathed in milk and delight tanning in the sun turning in the night and in such numbers has the world ever seen before ... no the blacksmith must be wrong ... look to him there pounding the habits to cover them up from the head to the toe

on mahmoud at the UN sept '07

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