Friday, November 27, 2009


let me tell you the extent to which I agree ... I agree with the parts about communion and moderation ... moderation because it implies prudence which implies virtue which implies the intellect ... and communion because it implies people and people imply spirit ... now by intellect I mean that by which we say this S is P ... and when you put it to me What do you mean I'll reply all S is P ... that's how I feel about it ... I will not be dissuaded ... and yet you persuade me ... and now more humbly I reply well some S anyway are P ... but you're not having that tone of voice and I back off ... I admit it's true some S are not P ... now you scent fear and defeat in the air ... you close in for the kill ... no I say I've gone far enough ... I'll go no further ... but I am too old and you push me past ... tomorrow the city square will be full ... and I'll be there with them under the banners all crying no S is P ... and I've said it all ... said all that can be said though you quibble for a pretended exception and quibble some more ... all people are in the sacred precinct I declare ... you may smile ... and we begin

cf kreeft, logic, p146, (slightly deranged)

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