Tuesday, November 24, 2009


the heart of the machine ... been there done that you may say in the fifties of the last century and still be wrong in your intimation that the issue is either gone or still back there ... replace heart with will and machine with biological system and you have today's evolution debate in which we have a real contradiction ... or call the opposition creativity or logic in which the contradiction is only apparent ... or suppose by heart we mean spirit and by machine we mean merely matter and form with no personality and no purpose ... the phrase might then signify a revolt against an insufficient modern dualism of chance or the lockstep dance ... a revolt in favor of the traditional four causes being reunited in our mind as they are in reality ... a spirit if not a ghost in the machine and in the time ... a person behind the scheme ... a god before creation ... the industrial revolution did not create this ancient opposition between divinity and a wayward creation but it did add a stainless steel image and a continuing loud grating noise ... grating not only for its repetition but for its message ... it says we don't need you

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