Wednesday, November 04, 2009


the man or the magic I suppose are the alternatives to a simple worship of the law ... to hold the heart of women ... to mold the mind of a people ... to obey the law in joy ... three ambitions ... perhaps you may say the three ages of man ... if life is a comedy ... but life may not be a comedy ... for most of us it may seem a tragedy ... at the end in particular ... why is a funeral not like a wedding otherwise ... rather than wedded to bliss we are separated from life though to joy we may be headed ... there's no getting past death even when that's what death is ... a thing to be passed ... it doesn't matter it's still a thing to be done ... drug me make solid it doesn't matter it's still the thing I must do ... shove me from behind push me like a feather it does not matter it's still the thing that I will do ... somewhere at the heart of it is my effort and that's the thought preliminary to final that makes me suffer ... the dealmaking manipulation prestidigitation all that's gone now ... in going I must still be reaching ... which way ... the man now or the empty reason rather ... I tell you one way

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