Wednesday, November 25, 2009


matter form personality and purpose ... not quite aristotle ... a bit of a further development on agency in the right center ... but close enough ... people think 500 years ago is ancient but this is really ancient ... 23 centuries into the past ... we have 27 centuries and more ... homer and the bible ... but 23 out of 27 is very early ... ancient ... now whether or not it's wisdom that's a thing I think we're meant to argue ... and so we do and have done 23 hundred years ... if anything is to change it says it must pass through a door over which there is a name of one of these four principles ... it must lose or gain material ... it must acquire or lose connections ... it must attend to the direction of a foreign agent ... and it must be part of a plan ... her breast fills as she bends over ... it forms just the perfect arc as she sits back up ... there is somerthing in that pose that calls for your attention ... and something in your attention that satisfies an ancient impulse ... today it has been argued remove the foreign agent and the plan ... she bent to scratch her leg ... she rose in defiance of gravity but with no rebellion in her heart ... for there's no kingdom in her soul

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