Tuesday, November 17, 2009


death is not the end of sorrow unless you're one of the perfect ... but you knew that before you were dead ... knew that your sorrow was bigger than your own and found it a persistent presence of the enemy from the day you were born ... listen to the children cry ... they're just stating the obvious ... and if for a while even for decades we cry in pity for ourselves soon enough we must learn to cry for another ... until we learn the perfection of those tears if only their justice we must continue our study of sorrow ... and what a study it is from the narrative heights as wings and army groups cover whole continents to the shock of discovery a small thing a betrayal but oh with what malice what a debilitating loss in care ... the very thing we came to study ... the very thing we came to repair ... you know what it is ... I mean here despair ... but not the little kind harmful only to the user ... but the big kind meant to be deadly to us all ... that's the enemy I mean and you do too ... the cause of all our sorrow ... older to us than life ... more insistent than death ... not a simple no but the ways and means to make it so ... and the one we mean to stop

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