Saturday, October 31, 2009


barry mcguire's eve of destruction and judith durham singing a world of our own ... how lovely and fierce it was to be 19 in 1965 ... one by one we cast restrictions behind us ... glorious to have the wisdom the fathers lost because they were old and outmoded ... a kind of holiness to have a destiny ... a kind of certainty to be new and without experience ... without tradition to be the cornerstone for a new tradition ... but there's no use now trying to close the book on way back then as if we were the conclusion to their argument ... you can't justify the ignorance and folly of the past in its future ... so you can't explain it ... you can't even describe it ... but oddly enough you can hear it ... you can listen to the speeches or read the history and with a little imagination hear the voices ... perhaps the easiest way is to listen to the music ... the more you do that with attention the more completely you recover the soul of the intention ... you feel the original tension in it ... the intensity ... by being in tense with it ... you take its past and future and make them present

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