Thursday, October 08, 2009


what separates us not you and me but us and it for want of a better word is wonder ... almost like ancient souls we've heard each other's story repeatedly over the ages ... when it comes to telling stories and listening to them there is no gap between us ... but between us and this thing not our thing there is a gulf ... you and I may not always agree ... we may not even like each other ... but we understand what we're doing ... this thing for want of a better word this aspect of the thing we never will understand ... to this we may agree to such an extent that it's the basis of all our other agreements ... it's certainly the basis of our shared good humor ..I think it's in the easy flow of the blood in a rebound or rippleback as we find ourselves legs stretched out rumps sunk in the sand and the swell going back out to sea laughing ... always arms back heads sunk between the shoulders laughing ... now I don't mean the awesome final thing ... I don't pretend to know what laughter then would mean ... no I'm just saying the thing is too big ... there never was a thought to cut it down to size

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