Tuesday, October 20, 2009


follow the spirit ... it's that simple ... no it's not ... given that form it only says this is the problem of discernment ... we only bring it to your notice ... we say nothing about how to solve it ... concerning that solution wouldn't the first clause be to add the word holy ... in a sense of course that is the solution ... but not in the sense we all agree what we mean by holy ... there for example the madman and the saint may wholly disagree ... and the disagreement between the fanatic and the patriot must call forth whole libraries in support of each side ... some will not admit the use of the word at all ... others say this is because should they do just that admit the word once thereafter indeed they must admit all ... holy is not wise or powerful though wisdom and power attend ... nor is it simply innocence or simplicity itself ... it's a word or title that requires a pedigree and a certificate of some sort ... it has authority and it must show it ... it cannot come in the middle of the night and take you without warrant ... its genus is authority and its specific difference is love

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