Thursday, October 01, 2009


if the priest 5,000 years ago put his hands together up in the air what world was he appealing to ... if a scientist punches in a new coordinate or a sharper focus what's he doing by way of appeal that reminds one of the priest ... what place in time or thought admits us but will not admit we mean too much ... not at least as far as it's concerned ... this is a public space without the quiet empty time at night ... here alone the soul cannot think itself alone ... here the community of observant participation is self-evident ... here the focus of the crowd is too natural to assume ... to think of it is to lose it ... is to shift it to something else ... to itself to the crowd to the individual ... it never is done for this reason because it never can be done and continue as it is ... no ... here the crowd or the individual doesn't count ... it's not the focus that we attend but by it through it as if it weren't there ... as if we weren't there ... simply because the object of our focus fills up all the space and gives us all the logical air we can manage to breathe and breathless hold in ... as forgetful we watch the thing we came to see

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