Friday, October 30, 2009


when I got a 76 on the biology regents I thought I was point wealthy ... a full eleven more than I needed ... and I haven't learned much in all the years that have passed since then ... so you'll understand when I say I'm confused about species ... is it a logical or a biological concept ... if the second does it provide feedback biofeedback to uphold and update its definition ... what does the stamp say on its ID ... what diploma does it hold to show it's an adult a full-grown species ready to stand on its own ... I was told it had to do as so much else in this world seems to do with sex ... or to be more precise the ability to reproduce more of its kind and none of any other ... is this where we come in ... is the confusion coincident with birth control and cloning ... or are they just another expression of the same desire ... the sorcerer's apprentice hard at study with his formulae in narrow lines that begin to curve ... a feather here a claw there ... change a few variables change a few numbers ... put in a snout put in some bristles ... look how we make the species tremble

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