Monday, October 26, 2009


every time you lose your temper do you have a qualifying and then consenting conference first ... if even so quickly you have the time for just the one internal yes before you hurry off to the explosion ... so simple a calculation ... always a variation of heavy is heavier than light ... and those clever instances of such was not the case are saved for lifetimes and generations of wonder and regret ... not touching however the supreme case of otherwise ... when all the mind and all of matter both are turned upside down inside out and reality itself given a new direction ... what's losing your temper then to such a tempest as that ... where's the decisiveness of jerking down the wheel the sharp spin the about face when all faces are turned whether they will or not ... here an auditor might scurry forth yes yes for ends but it's means we need to know ... where is your humility if you cannot bow perhaps smile and agree though sometimes you may be given the grace as well to argue that in this end is all our beginning now matter how we each start

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