Wednesday, October 21, 2009


god damn the devil to hell seemed at first a fitting pronouncement at the close of a shitty saturday morning ... that is a morning whose peak fresh moment was covered in shit ... no mystery or metaphor here ... I mean just a sick cat likely to die ... but she wouldn't be sick and she wouldn't die if not for what the devil had done ... come in among us like that and spoil the inheritance ... the thing I can remember about the devil at the moment of his creation he said no and not like you or me his no had to stick forever ... you and I we get to play with our no as it were accidentally ... for him it was considered deliberate complete ... now if we buy his argument in any one of its forms we buy that same conclusion and how can it fail to be forever ... you may say that's what death does ... it puts an end to all those accidents ... what we're left with is essential ... essentially yes essentially no ... a jointure back to his first word ... the first to put god and damn together ... the first lie ... the first murder a suicide ... to which even we may assent ... so no ... not god damns but the devil

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