Saturday, October 31, 2009


if it's between that and error let it snap but if it's between that and truth let it stay forever ... that's the power of a transcendental ... in particular the objects of faith hope and charity are truth beauty and goodness ... you can always count on those three sisters as long as the other two are in attendance whenever you pursue the third ... the truth is lovely ... it clears the mind and simplifies the soul ... it deals with the ugly and the bad but only to remove them or it is not the truth ... the good is the dominant sister most insistent on her rights and the hardest to escape or forget ... she evokes a smile however ... however grim it might be ... it's the third sister of course who remains most elusive of the three ... she must come upon us by surprise but makes it appear in her innocence that we have taken her by surprise ... the truthful rigors of logic the beneficial salve of correction she's just not interested ... not just now ... her interest is entirely in you though she looks demurely down ... she may look away but she always beckons ... she disappears but you smile hopefully

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