Tuesday, October 13, 2009


may we call falsehood a failure in identity or analogy ... and say gnosticism is a failure of the first sort ... for we are neither god nor gods ... and anarchy is an example of the second kind ... things are connected all the way up to excellence of purpose ... the first storms the heights then turns the guns around on the reinforcements coming up behind ... each bullet killing another upstart's ambition ... singing on its way mine mine mine ... the second has a living map of the universe spread out on a table conveniently before it and upon which it scatters its seed ... but seed designed to sprout weeds ... colorful sometimes luxuriant but always meant to block the line of sight from A to B never mind A to Z ... many gods collapse into one lonely false god me ... or the roof falls in ... the wind works its way down the walls till the last unified moment of meaning ... the final atom ... is sucked into the dark night of chance and I've lost my way and nothing anymore is like anything else ... I can't tell the difference in the end between too much identity and not enough analogy ... there's little of me left either way

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