Saturday, October 10, 2009


pointing to the forehead first and then to the chest ... all right ... but why to the shoulders ... that the force of creation should be first of all intelligent ... that the son of this creation should become a man that he might feel the weight of morality ... that the head and the heart should form an axis round which action should evolve makes sense ... but why point to each shoulder ... is it because the shoulders bear the weight of the full pail and the full shovel ... that they bear the yoke and the lash ... or that they strain against the enemy line and fulcrum the launch of the javelin and the stab of the spear above it ... or is it something else ... something beyond that rod between the head and the heart so neatly after all put in a box and then in the ground ... something like thinking out of the box but not thinking or feeling ... that is they're pointing not to the shoulders but to the shoulders as a pivot for something other than the arms ... something that you'd expect out of the box ... something we cannot see but will lift us again and finally out of the box and above it all ... meaning by all this world and by above it of course by wings

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