Monday, November 24, 2008


gremlins goblins and trolls ... wizrds magic and spells ... magical combat spiritual combat at play ... novels films story-telling ... just how real are they ... I'm with plato up to a point ... and with aristotle too up to another point ... ideas are more than concepts but people are more real than ideas ... you may refuse to answer the door because it's gandalf or dumbledore ringing the bell ... but what you gain in respect for extension in space you lose from the pleasure of comprehension ... say a unicorn has an essence ... is that any reason to deny it existence ... say dumbledore has a personality but he's not real ... as a piece of fried bacon is real ... is that any reason to refuse his acquaintance ... say of good writing good characters good thoughts that they are perfections ... not like babies self-sacrifice or devotion ... but what perfect world could do without them ... finally say that reality as it is meant to be and surely will be is perfection ... then dickensian shakespearian tolkenian are and will be forever as real as socratic lincolnian christian ... not principally as real ... but by the right of derivation just as heavenly

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