Monday, November 03, 2008


the occasions of sin what are they but occasions to lie ... every sin is based on a false statement but is it also based on a lie ... we all know very honest people who are sincerely mistaken but in this they do not sin ... there are no sins of the intellect only mistakes ... sin is a disease of the will ... it will take the truth and the intellect with it and abuse them ... there is nothing on earth sweeter or more innocent on earth than the truth ... that's the sweetness and the innocence that sin has to kill ... and the only way it can do that is with a lie ... the truth in us is the real inner child modern psychology tells us to find ... not for our spiritual comfort though or good sense of well-being ... but to prevent her murder in the back room of the house ... not for the self-assurance final things must give us ... but to stop the lie that will kill her ... the sweet little girl in the bedroom upstairs we smother repeatedly as we sing her goodnight ... the first-born and the last ... all the children in one ... she's the one we murder in a whispered lie ... cotton tumbled suffocation ... or maybe only a puff of smoke and flashing mirrors ... she is not there ... no ... no ... she never was

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