Sunday, November 23, 2008


give the lord some credit ... in particular figure he knows how to love you and why ... if you gave him only that ... look how far ahead it puts you ... wouldn't it open up vistas of half-hours in every busy day ... wouldn't it turn the mind from defense to offense ... from a trivial logical worry to a "purpose-driven life" on the right side of the cosmic battle ... for two or three words that don't belong where you've put them will you throw yourself away ... for an argument whose conclusion you accept on faith and habit ... whose premises you will not examine ... will you be the judge who condemns you ... will the one thing be that you will not look at ... only the best part of you only the part he sees the closest ... will that be the part only you will not see ... and why ... why ... when only he sees clearly and your sight failing fails again ... or is it something else ... not sight at all but will ... and a will that will be blind lest seeing is to believe and believing is to obey ... why ... what is there in all that he will say that you cannot follow ... if you step back and let that right part forward ... fall back and let grace follow

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