Saturday, November 15, 2008


spruced up but naked each of us goes to his trial ... and a particular trial it is ... with particular possible sentences ... one you are a son of perdition ... two you are a gifted son of humanity ... three you are a son of god a partaker in divinity ... which of these only one is a blasphemy ... number one of course ... the conviction of impiety ... which one only one is an invitation to impiety ... the second ... which leaves the third ... we may call it the only heavenly conclusion or who wants to go to hell or stay on earth as it is forever ... in court the benches are a clear marble but rather cold and the hours of testimony are long ... who is there to speak for any of us when the verdict desired is not the renewal of the species but a removal and replacement ... did they not say this was done on pieces of wood ages ago ... but who speaks for him now though he will speak hereafter ... if you say we do the question remains under a different inflection ... who will speak for us when we have neither tongue nor sense to say in a word what there is ... what we need above all else ... an advocate

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