Thursday, November 13, 2008


is it a dogma of faith to say the only real objectively true explanations are the scientific ones ... whereas spiritual explanations are private personal and subjective opinions ... may we start by saying one world speaks of causes and the other of reasons ... one looks at things and takes them apart to see how they work ... the other reads them and tries to see what they mean ... what follows if we may say these things with some emphasis is a civil war inside the soul ... with the north ... let's not be historical ... saying heaven is on earth in the neural flaps of religious fanatics and bigots ... while the people in the south say earth is in heaven ... a corrupt little corner of it studded with sign posts all pointing the way out ... one side the west let's say ... let's not be geopolitical ... looks at a thing squarely and puts it in context ... the other side the east looks through it ... let this mythical northwest take offense at this point ... I'm not just a pleasure and pain kind of guy fight or flight meat and potatoes ... I have feelings ... I know what sorrow is ... hell I've got a PhD in depression ... what have you mystical southeast to add ... only joy was the reply

cf kreeft, Heaven, pp112-117

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