Saturday, November 22, 2008


well if we've learned anything we know it's either a combination or a bank shot ... every time we aim straight for a one on one we either stop short or we rebound ... it's nice to get a good rebound ... it takes you where you wanted to go ... a bad one can hit you in the gut ... but it's the stop shot that over time wears you down ... especially the really nasty ones where you get just what you wanted and in the midst of the celebration you realize you didn't want enough ... so after a while you begin to finesse your shots ... here's where the curve and the spin the high and the low the sharp and the wide come in ... if I'm not going to be where I wanted to go then let me have fun getting there ... you can spend your whole life taking your time ... and there's a fascination a fine set of details can offer ... but I'm thinking there's something more basic going on that we wouldn't want to miss if we could get it ... if we could see where it was going and when so we could tag along ... take it for the long ride with its own twists and turns and figure out along the way that it was meant to be a surprise

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