Monday, November 10, 2008


is there a creature whose inception is a conception a joining of one to another looking to a third ... is there any creature which doesn't fit that description ... if all creation obeys the law of the trinity unfolding why can't we see it that way ... all together ... but are surrounded instead by this great mass of disparate points poking at odds throughout ... and through the membrane too ... I can tell you I can go to any of them as if they were dots on the map and stay there for years before I got my legs long enough to stand the fear and get on to the wonder ... what's then the use to having spent such a short time on earth before getting on to another ... I'd prefer a job at central control connecting the dots to read the message but I ask you sir if I did what would be the point thereafter ... perhaps another job a floor or two below condensing the message into sentences then slogans ... packing them up into bundles them mailing them out ... with a raise in pay to compensate for inflation and the demotion ... there are then too many inceptions and conceptions for any one true devotion ... too much power and not enough light

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