Wednesday, November 19, 2008


the hardest part against reason is the venom ... I think it comes from the wriggling ... the squirming in the dry dust and in the marshes ... it's the turning and tending to turn that makes the poison ... that churns the ingredients into such a deadly bitter point ... and in the coiling as if all the past irregularities could be reduced to such a perfect form and such a fine pitch just before release ... and such a splendid trajectory capsule flying into space ... the one straight shot in all the process ... so pleasingly precise the punch each point makes each fang so clearly through ... such a sharp release jaws now wide in triumph ... it all worked so well let's try another ... which I think is the real point ... it's not what you did ... well only at the end ... but what was done and done before that ... not just the wrong answer but having to hear it again and again ... not just the insult to coherence and good form but a whole siege filled with assault ... there now that's enough of that ... I'll give you here now in return this thing that's been working through me as I've twisted turned and returned to figure the damn thing out ... to get it out before I lose my immunity

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