Sunday, November 09, 2008


ok let's say for one you've got a perverted ego twisted out of shape and tensed up to do wrong ... how's the healthy animal strength of the id going to respond to that ... what do you think the superegoistical voice of the cloud's going to say about it ... mustn't they both be opposed ... doesn't the first want what's good and the second what's beautiful or vice versa I can never remember which ... how are they going to get that if the ego is peddling lies ... isn't a lie ugly ... isn't a mistake bad ... isn't the truth necessary ... through a glass darkly you reply ... perhaps but it's the light beyond the glass that you can still see through the glass ... look hard ... look closely into the heart of the flame ... see the planet with the rings around it ... the gyroscope to put the ego back on track ... to stabilize the vector and restore the wings to balance ... the face with the halo round it that makes the heart spin like a top and take off like a rifled bullet ... something like that ... to pull the ego out straight heading true and on time to the bull'seye ... enough of near misses or worse taking the target away to open a clear field ... no ... not a field but a runway and we touching down

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