Friday, November 07, 2008


what do freud and the parapsychologists have in common with mainline christianity ... they all three allow for communication between different planes of existence ... and in particular the forms this communication takes are not easily seen or heard recognized or manipulated as a clear set of simple words ... pictures and symbols how about those then ... yes and dreams as well as visions ... and don't forget sound ... the beat of a drum the blare of a trumpet ... or all together ... music ... play the same track over and over ... you can almost hear something in it if you can get past the hearing of it ... the feeling of it ... the I can't put it into words and neither can you honesty of it ... the forms of communication we put down as or away as inexpressible ineffable a shiver hair standing up I just knew it inspiration divination intuition a presence an absolute certainty a prayer a transportation an escape a joy ... a kind of communication I suspect so difficult to put into words I suggest because it's not truth that's the first thing it wants to convey ... but another thing more immediate ... much closer closer under the skin

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