Thursday, November 06, 2008


you may have a problem with abstraction ... not too much of it just too much of the wrong kind ... abstraction is subtraction ... one by one strip the qualities from a thing until what does it have left but the it alone ... and that's an example of the wrong kind of abstraction ... as well perhaps as the most typical of the modern age ... that the it could possibly stand alone ... there is no such it ... not even god stands alone ... it's a bad mistake but at least it's profound ... nonetheless the truth is there is no substance without relation ... you can say ultimate reality is irreducibly complex and the one thing that doesn't get it is this runaway abstraction an enterprise that has a strong suspicion that it must fail even as it figures out why it must ... because it's gone too far ... but it's too proud and stubborn to take those two steps back ... and it's fiercely determined to stand by its mistake ... so modern evolution says change is chance ... modern science says matter is all ... modern psychology tells us the self is primary ... and modern ethics does all it does do just to agree ... while modern politics theorizes equality to save the self but practices privilege just to make sure ... what a world ... it takes away takes away all

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