Wednesday, November 12, 2008


the philosopher says ... that metaphysical law has it ... that the more spiritual the faster ... the faster the more widespread ... the fastest therefore is everywhere and at rest there all at once with the speed of eternity the speed of divinity ... its rest is not the body's rest feet up remote in hand ... how can it be when it's faster by far than the speed of light ... rather since its mobility is its universal presence it's the foundation for our own stability if we could just think to remember it ... in its speed is our security if we could just remember to think of it ... indeed everything is implicit in one divine command ... in one eternal word ... which actually takes no time to say at all since it predates follows time swallows time all the time ... in the final moments of the movie when the deuction falls into place it does so all at once because truth and even its apprehension are at the end aspects of eternity ... no longer research and development exploration and experiment but conclusion and endless implication ... not to mention joy ... or rather to say it now at the last ... the joy during which time flies when you're having fun in the presence of the lord

cf kreeft, heaven, pp89-90

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