Tuesday, September 15, 2009


let's begin with a belief ... at least an hypothesis ... we should seek only the best explanation of why we are here and what we are to do ... for instance those alternatives that preserve our identities sanity health and happiness we shall prefer to those which conclude in our death insanity disease or misery ... just as we can determine what has been from what is so we can decide what must be from what we want ... the trick I repeat is to want the best ... pie in the sky wishful thinking you reply ... no no I say just a logical procession in hypothetical mode ... given full reason and experience figure what's best then work backwards to see what gets it ... if you want to work incrementally from better to better-still all the way up to best that's one way to do it as long as you keep a map of the heavenly city in your pocket the roads in and the roads out ... and the landmarks plainly visible ... for the way is long and easily often lost ... perhaps to keep the mind straight and unlikely to detour you should plan what to expect on your arrival and then scrap each plan in favor of the lord's plan whatever that may be

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