Saturday, September 26, 2009


the one the many and the few ... why isn't that the most popular mantra when it's obviously so true ... admittedly there's something chronologically askew when we only go forward and can't take it back ... keep going on finding content only in retrospect even when young ... when you can't stop even when the music has told you plainly this is the place ... not just a door but a door to a city ... not just a city but the city is a port ... what does it matter ... the ship sailed without you all those years ago ... it gave its berths to the young the pure the good centurions history tells us lost to each of our generations ... the song you played over and over again you couldn't quite get ... of course it was beautiful you thought it was sung to you ... the timbre of the voice had an ankle and a knee ... that you could tell ... ah but her voice ... her voice in particular ... the handle that carries the bucket ... the core all of one piece ... the trill of a bugle ... no ... now a trumpet ... she wasn't singing to you ... you see that only now ... it was their anthem and we sang it to them together ... the few that went on board first

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