Sunday, September 27, 2009


how far can we run with the secular saints ... with a socrates a shakespeare a lincoln ... well we know each is a saint because he fought a good fight ... each one against dishonesty ... each one for the truth ... socrates for the truth that there was a way of thinking opposed to others that we may call philosophy ... shakespeare fought for the right and the right way to tell the truth about the human soul ... and lincoln ... lincoln had one idea ... that the right way to be a soul was to be free ... and each fought a dishonesty in his opponent that had in it the essence of evil ... one by one they laid claim to it to expose it to destroy it ... that truth went out of fashion and into exile like any other temporary thing ... that it was itself the fair object of lust or false pride and in the end the story it told was ordinary dull and defeated ... and that finally there would come a disease of the soul ... that you could take the soul of other men but keep the body complicit to your desire ... till you took your own soul too ... till all the souls were taken and taken away ... till the body alone rose out of the muck and the slime ... the sperm and the egg ... till each was first before the other

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