Tuesday, September 29, 2009


myth is a necessary step on the stair ... not a necessary thing we humans do ... it would be there whether we stepped on it or not and we ignore or decry it if we don't mind being miserable benighted and dull all the days of our lives ... but we do mind ... hence the entertainment business overripe with melodrama ... that is too obvious stereotypes wannabe archetypes ... or for that matter the news business too with its sounds bites slogans and political caricatures ... if you want to board the plane you have to climb the stairs ... if you want to understand the past you have to step into the appropriate myths ... fall through the steps and enter the plane through the belly before you live in the clouds ... walk up and down the aisles sit in seats at random get to know the crew join a passengers' association ... look out the window and believe what you see ... look isn't it odd on both sides a wing ... no simple levitation or ascension for us ... but wings ... therefore something to do with wind work and finally grace ... but no solo flights either ... this is a big plane and no take-off till we're full ... each passenger strapped in ... each with a story and each telling it ... a chorus of myth and hallelujah

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