Wednesday, September 16, 2009


we humanity love to tell stories and none more so than to hear them well-told ... especially the stories we tell and hear the telling of in sex ... sometimes stories of frustration and disappointment ... sometimes stories of elation by crescendo ... pathos argument celebration and decline our stories tell them all ... but two things they almost all have in common are the goal and the attainment ... and in this as in the nature of their intensities in the telling of them ... the quest and its conclusion ... they are all our literature in a nutshell and we are all high poets both epic and lyric everyman and everywoman as we tell them ... which is not to say though high as we are we fly the thing well ... this master's piece of a story we're all trying to tell one way or the other just the telling of it comes first ... the technique as we know a poor second ... the greatness is in the story not the lovers telling it ... unless and until they tell it with self-abandon ... describe it sing it a golden bowl between them ... they would fill it with roses had they not first done so with themselves

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