Tuesday, September 22, 2009


how do I know they're connected you can't see any connection ... it's a logical connection you can't see it not directly ... you must look to its results ... well that's all right if you're willing to pay the price of the definition when you say this connection this must between the result and the cause is a matter of custom habit something you've got used to ... well yeah a custom a habit but not mine ... it's as you say something I've got used to ... if it's not your custom your habit whose then ... well it's a bit mine I do add to the pattern ... I call my contribution creativity ... but it's just a trill playing in the wake of a really big ship and if you really want to get going you best get on board ... else you'll spend your life in the backwater maybe treading water just to stay afloat ... spitting out what you're not forced to swallow ... your mouth sputterful ... filled with indignation or despair ... least that's what I read from the writers last century ... more dignity perhaps but angry woebegone and depressing ... you're right there is something of an argument from consensus here ... it says sink or choose to swim

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