Friday, September 25, 2009


if we want more than anything else to talk to god are we not making a fundamental mistake ... I mean beyond the irksomely logical point that we're talking and god is not ... like a therapist in a fifty-minute hour not yet ready to give his opinion perhaps forever ... no I mean this emphasis is on talk ... isn't talk a servant to knowledge ... isn't it to know god that we should want more than anything else ... might it be that we've forgotten this and as a result talk so much we cannot listen ... yes I mean you silent deep thinkers too ... you who talk all the time inside your own skull ... not that talk isn't a fine thing but isn't knowledge better ... what else is all that talk about ... but aren't there some of us ... I think I know I've been there too ... who no longer know what knowledge is or think it's just a circle in a fist ... something you cram into one part of your brain even as it fades in another ... something the culture you live in in its heart it devalues ... yes use it exploit it monopolize it precisely because it's such a temporary being ... for we've forgotten god who makes it hold forever

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