Wednesday, September 23, 2009


it is incredible that you would define necessity by consensus ... no no just its perception just its reception ... the thing itself is what it is ... its instances its instantiations mere implications though they are necessary nonetheless ... anything that touches the one central truth of the one central being ... the only thing necessary ... flows back from it changed absolutely transformed ... such creatures gracefilled and exploding in peaceful glory sometimes are human ... or much less problematically ideas ... their triumph their exaltation is their relation to absolute truth ... what we call necessary implication ... a dependent relation but dependent on absolute simplicity making their own truth in the truth of their propositions ... necessarily true ... always ... eternally ... how the rest of us other people other ideas accept this doesn't change that initial relation between the truth of the idea and the one central truth but can only add or fail to add to its glory ... through a clear apprehension or one grudging or recalcitrant ... joyful or timorous cynical not triumphant

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