Wednesday, October 22, 2008


is it true that we are in the most wicked of all ages ... ages should be seen through historical lenses in which a hundred years takes up a couple of inches ... and they should be seen philosophically ... for example either all men are created equal or they're not ... if they are then the answer is yes ... this is the most wicked of all ages ... if you mean the last hundred years when more people were killed in war or starved to death or massacred than in any other century on earth ... not to mention all those who were exploited or humiliated before they were murdered ... tortured before they were let die ... if all this is true then we don't have a problem ... we have something deeper than that ... if amidst all this iniquity upon self-examination we can still find a collaborative spirit to hurry this chaos along we don't have a problem or dilemma or even a tragedy ... we have a simple horror ... for which suicide is the only honorable reply ... unless we have a story or something like it with a good old-fashioned moral about right and wrong ... and unless we have a chance to do that right thing by choice ... there are no people ... there is no hope faith or truth

cf kreeft, making sense out of suffering, p57

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