Sunday, October 19, 2008


why do we need other people ... if we didn't have them we'd get nothing done ... I don't mean just physically I mean emotionally ... now if you're one of those who tend to say to the emotions be quiet I must caution you ... I believe emotions are eternal ... you might want to pay them more respect ... take the pleasure we feel on doing something well ... or that particular evacuating fear when any other place is better than this ... but beyond wright and flight we have for and from ... it's easier to be for something when you're right even easier than going back where you came from when you're wrong ... but there's nothing to be for unless there's someone to be for first ... you can move towards a thing as a falling rock obeys gravity or as a small magnet is pulled onto a refrigerator door ... but to move truly for something is first to want it and then to want that which is good for it ... so that when you're for it you're for all of it not just that part or glimpse of it that attracted you ... the attraction of the word for is the completion between you and it ... not just a captivating landscape or a logical finesse ... but a whole person on the other end

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