Tuesday, October 21, 2008


it's not that the fingers and toes are not important ... it's that by themselves they are not substantial ... see what happens when their connections are broken ... how quickly they lose substance ... these connections may be formal conceptually ... wrapped in flesh they become substantial ... matter and form equal substance ... we might be inclined to leave it at that ... if it weren't for these peculiar systems of forms within forms within bubbles of bone we substances some of us carry on our shoulders ... capsulate capsulating ... enfolding inside and out ... too many to be incidental ... too much of a point to be accidental ... we're forced to recognize these substances as free agents ... free within these restrictions of matter and form but free enough because of these material forms to worry with doubt these same connections holding their integrity together till at last under the strain they wear down ... they break ... they bleed dry ... and the substance crumbles ... and the larger form to which they were connected that too begins to collapse and the generations expire not in truth but in false hope and failed purpose ... because they have not been true to that purpose and hope eternally

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