Friday, October 31, 2008


grace pouring round down your head ... what does it do to the tenant in the house ... as the tendrils reach downwards seeking to become roots the tenant's eyes open wide ... he stops writing propositions their premises and implications on the board ... puts the chalk down ... and turns around ... does he leave the house evicted by the tendrils ... or does he stay unable to escape ... are the tendrils too thick and lazy obstructing ... or too thin and razor-sharp and oscillating ... if he does escape how long is his room in the attic left vacant ... what's the name of the new tenant and how well was he screened ... how long will he last before they tear the house down ... long enough to be the last tenant or just the last one before the next ... my money's on the original tenant staying on ... the one before the hypothetical transient ... what a tenuous thing the memory is ... sometimes memory of you passes in others after it passes first in you ... who holds your identity then and how can it be held by anyone else other than you ... no ... I say give the whole thing up ... you don't have a single point you earned yourself ... even yourself ... alone

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