Sunday, October 26, 2008


of course none of this makes sense without the devil ... without the devil there'd be no crucifixion ... without the prince of this world we'd be on no fallen planet ... water and mountains would purify and soothe ... bread and wine would not be filled with blood ... what was in his mind in that amazing angelic ruin ... he thought he'd put god in a box ... he thought he'd kill him ... as if that were a good thing even for him ... as if it wouldn't shred his own great birthright in rebellion ... as if it must not kill death with resurrection ... why didn't he inspire the governor to let the right man go ... or if he couldn't stop it at least leave town and wash his own hands on the way out ... I don't think he did any of that ... any of that reluctance or prudence ... I think he wanted it to be true for all time that for one time if a short time truth was dead ... he wanted it because from the beginning he's both a liar and a murderer and now he could still be both and still be right just this once ... even the devil has his logic ... the wonder is the majesty and mercy that gave it to him

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