Thursday, October 23, 2008


the whole truth and nothing but the truth about god and his creation ... surely this expression was designed to humble even more your humble servant ... for how can he entertain such a notion the likes of which he can never achieve ... such a knowledge the scope of which he can never appreciate ... and if he can wrap his mind round the outline of the concept how is it possible the concept has such an outline when the object of its devotion never can have one ... an infinite map of eternity who has the eyes to read it ... an end point to being whose pen has the ink to mark such a period ... unless in our beginning is in fact our end and in the tiniest particularity in the dam of nonbeing there is an explosion of all that is and can be ... that by definition will be enough to satisfy in logic the most severe critic ... yet we are not satisfied ... why is that ... we can have no outline of the ultimate truth but we are as it were indrawn by it from the start ...who can understand the mysterious ways of providence or fail in truth to be grateful for the blessings it provides ... we at least fit half that bill ... is that what we are then ... the ingrate in creation's zoo

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