Thursday, October 30, 2008


put on the mind of christ the apostle tells us ... what pascal his wager secure would hesitate to do that ... wrap his head round with the eternal word ... discernment in the midst of confusion ... from now on according to the prayer ... clause by clause you got it ... what else do you need ... what else could you want ... when here in a spark is everything forever ... nothing lord but to remember that I have it ... I had it ... I had it with me just now ... where is it ... where did I have it last ... where did I put it down ... the logic of the universe ... the walk and the talk ... where did I see it last ... in the battle of the match the needle or the pill ... again and again if I won't remember at least after a while I don't have to try ... there is advice then but you're too tired to hear it ... this is it it says ... the point you wanted to hold on to ... the fulcrum to raise the world ... all in a quiet and a silent intent ... first the talk then the walk let them go let them go ... follow the quiet intent so quiet it's invisible but soft very soft and warm and wet a bed to lie in and roll around in tossing from one dream to another

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