Tuesday, January 19, 2010


house for sale ... each room a mansion and a worthy topic of a flock of books ... but it's the view from just one corner room on the second floor for which I beg your attention ... well really two views from the same room ... one to the north out to the ocean and one to the east along the shore to the mountains in the distance ... one mountain in particular in the far distance yet taller still than all those before ... a pleasing resort around its base if you can get out that far to visit ... as many clever savage trails to the top as there are those brave perhaps foolish to try them ... each trail designed and sure to kill you if you get to the top and the desired promotion ... the view out to sea from the other window passes over a garden maze ... just four or five long blocks square but filled with tunnels overpasses subterfuge and deceit ... none of them perhaps intentional ... but all debilitating ... all distracting but promising ... that is as you might have guessed amazing ... point is to take your pick ... the maze on the way to the ocean or the killing path to the top of the mountain ... question is what's at the top what's in the center

cf moreland & muelhoff, the god conversation, chs 4 & 5

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